Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20

Anya Shadows Yor

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20 follows Anya as she gathers information for her school report. The students in her class have to do a report on an occupation they’re interested in. And, naturally, most of the kids take the easy way out by interviewing one of their parents.

At first, Anya asks to follow Yor at work. This seems to be the right choice. After all, Yor works a normal job at City Hall. There would be no issue with her bringing Anya along for the assignment. But, because this is Yor, that’s not the job she considered bringing Anya to.

Yor didn’t immediately think about her City Hall job. Instead, she thought about what it would be like to bring Anya along on an assassination job. It’s clear that this is what Yor views as her “real” job. City Hall is just her cover.

Anya shadowing Yor at work from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20
Anya shadowing Yor at work

Now, you might think that Anya would want to follow Yor at her real job. But, you need to remember that Anya is a young child. Does she think Yor’s job as an assassin is exciting? Yes. Does she want to see Yor kill people? No. She thinks that’s scary.

I’m a bit surprised that Anya didn’t wait to ask Loid first in the hopes she could see him do spy stuff. But, I guess she understood that wasn’t going to happen. So, she might as well ask Yor first since she has a normal job on the side.

When Anya asked Loid, the series did something I appreciate. It skipped over Anya explaining her project and asking to go to work with him. I’m pretty sure Spy x Family has done that other times before now. But, it was a nice way to speed through unnecessary dialogue.

Investigate the General Hospital

When Anya asked to follow Loid around at work, he said yes without hesitation. Of course, his “job” is that he’s a therapist who works in a hospital. But, I didn’t actually think he went to the hospital. I thought that was just something he said he did.

It turns out that Loid actually does go to the hospital most days and sees patients there. He has good relationships with his coworkers. And he’s even praised for his good work ethic. Oh, and most of these coworkers aren’t WISE agent plants.

I never would have guessed that Loid spent so much time at the hospital considering his spy job. It’s not like Operation Strix is his only mission. It’s his most important mission, sure. But, we’ve seen that Sylvia Sherwood gives him other assignments to fill his downtime. And he spends a lot of time keeping an eye on Anya.

Anya investigating Loid's workplace from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20
Anya investigating Loid’s workplace

Anyway, Loid takes Anya to the hospital and she has a great time. His coworkers give him snacks and she gets to investigate a secret passage. What more could she ask for?

Okay, so she didn’t get to hear the details of the new mission Loid received. She probably would have liked that. But, exploring the secret passage behind the bookcase is more important. It’s not every day that she can do that. She can read Loid’s mind to get details about his missions whenever she wants.

Speaking of the assignment Loid received, did you notice the woman who gave it to him? She’s the mystery woman from the ED. We don’t know her name yet. But, it seems like next week’s episode is going to feature her prominently. So, I expect we’ll get her name then. We may even get her codename, too.

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Decipher the Perplexing Code

Did anyone else actually decipher the code on the piece of paper from this episode? Or was I the only one? Well, if you didn’t, you’ll be happy to know you didn’t miss out on anything. The code says exactly what we were told it says.

Every number in the code has 2 digits. The first digit represents the column and the second represents the row. So, 61 means column 6, row 1, which is the letter T. Commas between numbers signify separate letters. And spaces are still spaces.

So, what does the secret code say? It says “Come to… [the bridge (Sat) 0800].”

Part of me wants to compliment Spy x Family for having the code actually work. They could have written nonsense or used a fake alphabet that we couldn’t decipher. But, it actually used a real code. That’s pretty neat.

Bondman's secret code from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20
Bondman’s secret code

However, there’s another part of me that wishes the secret code wasn’t what the series told us it was. It would have been more fun if there was a different message waiting for anyone who tried to decipher it. I really would have appreciated an easter egg like that.

Imagine if you deciphered the code and it said something like “Part 3 coming soon.” But, even something less exciting would have been enough for me. It could have been a name of a character we haven’t met yet. Or it could have been some random piece of trivia about one of the characters.

Unfortunately, that’s not what we got. And, also unfortunately, Franky was the only one in the show who took the time to decipher the code and show up. I was hoping we’d see a bunch of random characters all show up at the bridge without Anya there in the end.


What do you think of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 20? Would you have rather seen Anya visit Yor’s job at City Hall? How do you think Loid makes time to be a practicing therapist? And did you decipher the code on your own? Let me know in the comments.

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