Chainsaw Man Episode 7

Chainsaw Man Episode 7

Eternity vs. Chainsaw

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 was pretty traumatic. I didn’t need to see Himeno puke into Denji’s mouth. So, we’re not going to talk about that for the rest of the review. Let’s all agree to forget it ever happened and move on.

So, what else happened in Episode 7? Well, the Chainsaw Devil killed the Eternity Devil. But, it’s not as if Denji had an easy victory. He only won thanks to Himeno getting involved, as well. When Denji ran out of energy, she used her Ghost Devil to restart his chainsaws to keep him in the fight.

And, we shouldn’t assume that only happened the one time we saw it. Himeno tells Aki that the fight between Denji and the Eternity Devil lasted 3 days. And it looked to me like Himeno had been watching over Denji for most of that time.

Himeno restarting Denji's chainsaws with her Ghost Devil from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 7
Himeno restarting Denji’s chainsaws with her Ghost Devil

The most interesting part of this whole fight was how the Eternity Devil reacted to Denji. It doesn’t know Denji personally. But, it does know the Chainsaw Devil. And the fact that it said the Chainsaw Devil had gotten weak implies they’ve fought before.

I don’t know why the Eternity Devil has a rivalry with the Chainsaw Devil. It could be from the influence of the Gun Devil’s flesh. It could be that the Chainsaw Devil did something to the Eternity Devil in the past. Or, it could be that the Eternity Devil was jealous of the Chainsaw Devil’s strength.

In any event, this tells us that the Chainsaw Devil is special. Another Devil knew of the Chainsaw Devil and was specifically seeking to kill it. Also, remember that Makima believes Denji could be strong enough to take down the Gun Devil. She seems to know something too.

Division 4 Rookies

The most important piece of information we got from Episode 7 was that Kobeni is 20 years old. I was a bit worried that she was going to be a minor like Denji. But, we’re safe. Now, we just need an age for Power’s body.

But, actually, we learned a lot about Division 4. There are many more members than we previously knew of. If we include Makima, there appear to be 12 members currently. There were 13, but one of the rookies died only a few days ago.

Not all 12 members of Division 4 were present at the party, though. One of the older members mentions that he has a Fiend on his team. But, he didn’t bring the fiend because they aren’t as well-behaved as Power. I assumed Power was the only Fiend Devil Hunter. So, the existence of another is pretty interesting.

Kobeni Higashiyama introducing herself to her coworkers from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 7
Kobeni Higashiyama introducing herself to her coworkers

We already knew that Denji “is” the Chainsaw Devil and Power is the Blood Devil. But, what Devils do Arai and Kobeni have contracts with? Arai tells us that his contract is with the Fox Devil, just like Aki. Apparently, the Fox Devil is friendly to (attractive male) humans.

Kobeni, on the other hand, doesn’t say what he contracted Devil is. She confirms she has one, though. So, why doesn’t she want people to know what it is? I didn’t get the feeling she was trying to hide her true strength. It must be a devil she’s embarrassed by.

The thing is, I can’t think of a Devil that would be embarrassing to have. Isn’t the whole point that Devils are scary? I guess she could be embarrassed by how weak her Devil is. Or, it could be a bug. Kobeni and the Cockroach Devil?

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Denji Gets Laid

After the party, Denji goes home with Himeno. Or, rather, Himeno carries him home with her while he’s passed out. And she escapes with him before anyone has a chance to realize what happened. But, I don’t think Denji has to worry about Himeno.

Himeno taking Denji home with her isn’t the same as Power recruiting Denji to save her cat. So, why did she do it? Does she actually like Denji? That seems unlikely for 2 reasons. First, there’s his age. And second, it’s pretty well-established that she likes Aki, not Denji.

Is it because she’s drunk? That seems to be part of the reason. The alcohol would have made taking him home easier. But, again, that doesn’t explain it all. That doesn’t really explain why she took him home with her, kissed him, and then propositioned him for sex.

Drunk Himeno sitting on Denji from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 7
Drunk Himeno sitting on Denji

In my mind, there’s one clear answer. Himeno is jealous of Makima. She even comments on how both Aki and Denji are in love with Makima. And since Aki is the one Himeno likes, she’s jealous of Makima. So, how does she get back at Makima? By taking Denji from her.

Himeno knows that Makima is interested in Denji for some reason. So, it’s not that Himeno likes Denji. It’s that Himeno wants to hurt Makima in the same way she feels hurt. But, I mean, if I was in Denji’s position, I wouldn’t worry about that. Carpe diem, as they say.

With all that said, I can’t see Denji actually getting laid by Himeno here. I have a feeling that he’s going to make an attempt to be faithful to Makima and reject Himeno’s advances. And I have a feeling that Himeno won’t continue to push if he rejects her.


What do you think of Chainsaw Man Episode 7? Why do you think the Eternity Devil had a Chainsaw Devil obsession? What’s your prediction for Kobeni’s contracted Devil? And will Denji actually get laid? Let me know in the comments.

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