Overlord IV Episode 12

Overlord IV Episode 12

Blue Rose Assassination

Overlord IV Episode 12 went by way too fast. It felt like a few minutes had passed, and then the episode was over. If I wasn’t reviewing the series weekly, this is one that I’d prefer to binge once all the episodes were out.

So, what happened in this episode? Well, we saw what at first appeared to be the members of Blue Rose assassinating their leader. This was quite a surprise — especially since it happened during an audience with the Princess. But, we soon learned what was really going on and why it happened when it did.

First, why did the members of Blue Rose jump Lakyus when they did? The answer is that they knew she’d be disarmed and would let her guard down during a meeting with the Princess. Even outnumbering her, they wanted these additional assurances.

The members of Blue Rose meeting with the Princess from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 12
The members of Blue Rose meeting with the Princess

So, what happened to Lakyus? Well, it started with Tina leading Brain away so he wouldn’t interfere. Then, Tia gave Lakyus some poisoned tea and stabbed her with poisoned needles. Gagaran pummeled her. And Evileye cast spells on her to weaken her. But, why did they do this?

At first, I really did think they were going to kill Lakyus. And as for why, I assumed they must have found something out about her. It could have been that she was secretly working with the Sorcerer Kingdom. That could have been pretty intense considering the Princess is doing exactly that.

But, it turns out they weren’t actually trying to kill her. They wanted to weaken her so Evileye could use Charm Person on her. Once Lakyus was under Evileye’s control, they planned to teleport out of the Kingdom. Their reason? They didn’t want to let her die fighting Ainz’s army.

Fleeing the Kingdom

It’s a bit curious that Ainz didn’t set up any way to prevent people from teleporting out of the Kingdom’s capital. But, I guess that’s not something most people can do. And I’d imagine that even adventurers with teleportation skills can’t do it on a large scale.

The fact that Evileye has a teleportation skill seems to be unique. But, as I said in my Episode 10 review, Evileye herself seems to be unique. And from what we saw in this episode, I have some theories about her. I don’t believe she’s human.

Now, as a disclaimer, I don’t remember if anything about Evileye got revealed earlier. Maybe everything I’m about to theorize was already confirmed or denied in the past. But, in case it wasn’t, I’m going to put my theory out there. Between Episodes 10 and 12, I’m pretty convinced.

Blue Rose teleporting out of the Kingdom from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 12
Blue Rose teleporting out of the Kingdom

So, in Episode 10, we established that Evileye is stronger than most Adamantite-ranks. On top of that, we saw her use the skill Charm Person in both episodes. Why is that important? Well, I can only remember one other character using the Charm Person skill. That’s the same skill used by Shalltear.

One last piece of evidence is where Evileye is teleporting Blue Rose. She says they’re going to a country that fell into ruin a long time ago. And she also comments that it’s far, far away and the Princess wouldn’t have heard of it.

To me, that kind of makes it sound like this country existed before anyone else alive was around to witness it. So, how does Evileye know about it? I’m pretty convinced that Evileye is a vampire. She’s powerful enough and has the right skill. And this forgotten country is probably her homeland.

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Brain Freeze

That’s a pretty good section title, isn’t it? Do you get it? It’s because his name is Brain and Cocytus froze him. Brain freeze. Do you get it? Anyway, Brain Unglaus is dead and he didn’t stand much of a chance. Though, Cocytus did appear impressed by Brain’s abilities.

The fight between Brain and Cocytus doesn’t really matter. It was obvious that Brain never stood a chance. Instead, what I want to discuss now is what Cocytus did after killing Brain. It’s pretty interesting, and you may not have understood why he did what he did.

So, first of all, Cocytus freezes Brain’s body. He could have done this for 2 reasons. The first is so that Ainz can resurrect and recruit Brain at a later date. After all, Cocytus mentioned that Brain would be a good addition to Nazarick. He killed him because he didn’t want to dishonor his warrior’s spirit.

Brain Unglaus challenging Cocytus from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 12
Brain Unglaus challenging Cocytus

The second possible reason is to preserve the honor of Brain’s final moments. And this ties into what Cocytus did after freezing Brain. He doesn’t walk directly passed Brain’s body. Instead, he walks around the block to continue toward the castle. Why?

I interpreted this action as Cocytus acknowledging Brain’s effort and last stand. Even though he killed Brain in one attack, Cocytus goes the long way around as a sign of respect. It’s kind of like he’s saying that Brain was able to hold him off, even if only for one block.

Anyone who comes to that intersection later will see Brain’s body frozen there. They’ll also see that Cocytus’s frozen path doesn’t pass Brain’s body. So, the implication is that Brain did his duty as a soldier and defended the capital to his death. I like Cocytus’s code of honor.


What do you think about Overlord IV Episode 12? Did you think the other members of Blue Rose were going to kill Lakyus? What are your thoughts on my Evileye theory? And did you understand why Cocytus walked the long way around Brain? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Overlord IV Episode 12”

  1. Back in season 2 when we got introduced to Evileye there were a couple of lines of dialogue that alluded to her not being human.

    One of the earliest ones came when Evileye and Gargaran were giving Climb advice on how to get stronger. Evileye warned Climb not to give up his humanity in his quest for strength. In hindsight, assuming Evileye once was human but is no longer her advice to Climb was about her own experience.

    The second hint that Evileye might not be human came during her fight with Demiurge (in the guise of the demon Jaldabaoth) when she was rescued by Momon. She developed an insta-crush on Momon and in her internal monologue thought to herself that her heart skipped a beat even though her heart stopped beating a long time ago.

    The overall implication seems to be that whether Evileye is a vampire or something else once upon a time she was human but no longer is.

    1. I think the comment about her heart no longer beating definitely adds credibility to my theory about her being a vampire.

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