To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6

Kahaku and Parona

In To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6, Kahaku finally got what he had coming. His obsession with Parona was a bit creepy, to put it mildly. But, now, we saw that his obsession goes beyond Parona. He’s obsessed with Fushi regardless of his form.

I guess this means Kahaku is a true successor of Hayase. They all wanted to marry Fushi. And despite Kahaku being male, we now know he feels the same way. But, Kahaku’s obsession with Fushi is creepier than that of most of his predecessors.

Okay, so Hayase’s obsession with Fushi was also creepy. She attempted to rape him at one point. That’s not very cool. Kahaku hasn’t done anything like that yet. But, he’s male and older than most of the other successors. This causes his unwanted affection to come off very differently than theirs.

Fushi telling Kahaku about how Hayase killed Parona from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6
Fushi telling Kahaku about how Hayase killed Parona

Think back to Hisame, the first successor of Hayase. She was a young girl who didn’t even understand what “sleeping together” meant. So, her love of Fushi came off as cute. Now, look at Kahaku, a man who might be around 18 years old. Who he is makes the same actions creepy, not cute.

In Episode 6, Fushi finally tells Kahaku about the past. He tells Kahaku about how Parona died. How Kahaku’s ancestor Hayase was the one who killed Parona (and March). And how Hayase tortured Parona and mutilated her face. Kahaku needs to understand the actions of his ancestors.

I liked the part of the episode when was Fushi explaining how his own feelings don’t matter. He doesn’t think Kahaku is a bad person. But, Parona’s body physically rejected Kahaku’s advances. And Fushi wants to respect that. He doesn’t want Kahaku to have contact with Parona going forward.

Fushi the Devil

In the second part of the episode, Fushi surrenders to the Church of Bennett. He’s told that if he doesn’t surrender, the Church will take Bon and Kahaku captive instead. So, to spare his allies (friends?), Fushi allows the Church to take him in.

Of course, the Church lied about letting Fushi’s allies go. But, that was a given from the start. If Fushi didn’t surrender, the Church had to use them as bargaining chips to get to Fushi. And if Fushi did surrender, his allies are still guilty of helping the “Devil.”

But, thanks to the local Lord, Fushi gets an opportunity to save everyone. If Fushi can revive Elder Hanui of the Church of Bennett, then there’s no reason for the Church to go after him. Or, at the very least, they’d have to make up a new excuse.

Fushi replicating the corpse of Elder Hanui of the Church of Bennett from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6
Fushi replicating the corpse of Elder Hanui of the Church of Bennett

It’s a bit interesting that the Church agreed to this test. Members of the Church witnessed the resurrection of Anna. So, they know he can revive the dead. But, they believe that the only way he could revive a member of the Church is if he was a servant of their God.

If Fushi can’t revive Elder Hanui, it’s proof that he’s a servant of the Devil. And I guess that means he was able to revive Anna because she’s a spawn of the Devil too. As is usually the case for religions, members of the Church of Bennett are mental gymnastics pros.

In the end, Fushi couldn’t revive Elder Hanui. Was this because he’s a servant of the Devil? Unlikely. Bon suggests it could be because Fushi didn’t know Elder Hanui while he was alive. I think it’s that combined with his soul having already left.

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Executing an Immortal

How does one kill an immortal? One of the most popular ways is to first remove their immortality. But, what if you have no way of doing that? Well, there’s always the option of permanently sealing them away instead.

First, the Church put Fushi in an iron box. That’s a pretty good solution. But, eventually, he’ll be able to make his way out of there. It might not happen within the lifespan of anyone alive when he was placed in there. But, it’ll happen at some point.

And while Fushi attempted to use Gugu’s flames to melt the iron, that’s actually not his best option. Didn’t Uroy have explosive arrows or something? I’d use those over Gugu’s flames. They’d do more damage to the iron box. And, they would use up as much of Fushi’s precious resources.

Fushi using Gugu's flames in an attempt to melt iron from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6
Fushi using Gugu’s flames in an attempt to melt iron

Speaking of resources, Fushi starts to feel sick after trying to escape from the iron box. And the man in black tells him it’s because his body is lacking something. Can you guess what it is? Gugu’s flames were burning up all the oxygen in the box. Fushi was suffocating himself.

I don’t know what would happen if Fushi ran out of oxygen entirely. He’d die, sure. But he’d also come back to life. So, does that mean he’d get stuck in a cycle of suffocating to death? I guess so. But, we aren’t going to get an answer to that particular question.

Why? Because the Church realized that an iron box isn’t enough to contain Fushi. They also need to fill that iron box with molten iron. Now, we know that Fushi’s going to escape his confinement somehow. But, I can’t see how he’s going to manage it without outside help.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6? Is Kahaku officially the worst successor of Hayase? Why do you think Fushi couldn’t revive Elder Hanui? And what form would you have taken to escape if you were Fushi stuck in an iron box? Let me know in the comments.

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